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#1 Adults only resorts topless

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Adults only resorts topless

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My wife and I are considering a vacation to Mexico. We are looking for recommendations for a higher end adult all-inclusive resort that provides higher level of accomodations, food, and service with a nice beach. Anywhere in the Mayan Riviera is in play, including Playa del Carmen. We enjoy that level of service and accomodations. Also in Punta Cana, we enjoyed the numerous confident ladies sunbathing and walking the beach topless where my wife did not feel out of place as an active topless participant. Ideally, the suggested resort should be similar with active topless participation. I am not interested in debating whether people approve of topless sunbathing or if it legal, etc I simply want to know what people have actually experienced. We were there a few years ago and it was great. Could be the best in Jamacia. The resort is great, but I would not leave the grounds unless on a tour. Thanks for your post, but I am not at all interested in Jamaica. Been there, very disappointed with the entire experience. I want to find a place in Mexico ; Mayan Riviera, Cancun , etc. There are tons of great adult only resorts in Mexico but the reason you are not getting a ton of response is that most people who go topless either do not go to high end resorts or the few that do only are topless on the beach and only seated. You will very rarely see women topless walking the beach and most resorts prohibit it at the pool. You could try something like Temptations but I am not sure that would be considered high end. I'd reiterate Ontario Sun Lover's statement re: You'll invariably see it at the beach but it's not common around resort pools, other than perhaps Desires...

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This couple are travelling the world in their birthday suits and sharing it with everyone on Instagram. Temptation Island is a lot of fun. Would we be met by a beach of writhing bodies? Do nudists prefer you to keep eye contact or is it polite to greet each other with an ogle? And do swingers wear clothes at the dinner table? Given our ages just the right side of 50 and our marital status happily monogamous we wondered if we would fit in, but on arrival our preconceptions quickly melted away. There are men and women of all shapes, sizes, colours and ages. Guests let loose at the hotel. On our balcony we even had a hot tub big enough for two with a view over the ocean and the main pool. The blinds were electric, the minibar well stocked and the bathroom spacious. Most people are at Temptations to socialise and party, most of which goes on at the imaginatively named Sexy Pool. Everyone talks to everyone, but it is in no way intimidating. The smaller Quiet Pool still has poolside waiter service, jacuzzi and swim-up bar, but the atmosphere here is more chilled. You haven't lived until you've experienced one of our famous Foam Parties! They are held every Thursday at 3pm! A post shared by Temptation Cancun Resort temptationresort on Jan 18, at 9: Feel the excitement go through you as you take your first steps into our sensual lobby! A post shared by Temptation Cancun Resort temptationresort on Jan 3, at There are also sunlounges on the beach stretching from the Sexy to the Quiet Pool, so you can choose which vibe you prefer while sipping your margarita with the sand between your toes. The Rooftop Bar and Pool is an exclusive area available...

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My wife and I are looking for an adults-only, all-inclusive beach resort in the Caribbean or along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We want a resort where female topless sun-bathing on the beach and at pools is accepted and common practice so my wife will not feel out of place. However, we don't want a nudist resort naked men or a wild, hedonism-type resort. I've searched and read for a long time, and I can't find a resort like this. Anyone know of one or, better yet, been to one? Thanks in advance to anyone posting an answer. I view the Cancun forum reasonably often. Although I've never been there, the one place I think that fits your needs, is Temptations. Here are a couple links to provide more information to research. The French side especially topless is perfectly acceptable and it's not swingers or wild party type, just part of the normal culture. Could be a perfect fit. May of the other Caribbean islands are very Catholic, and while topless sunbathing on a private balcony is OK, on public beaches, pool, etc is very much frowned upon. Maarten is probably your best bet. Some places in Cancun or Riviera Maya have occasional topless ladies, or topless areas, but only a few resorts where it is the norm such as Temptations - and that is a bit of the "party" type topless atmosphere - may not be what you're looking for. Worth checking too though. Another good possibility, not quite a as well known as St Martin, is Guadalupe. It is also a French island so topless is common and accepted. Some years ago we went to the Club Med resort there and I was thoroughly entertained by the women trying on bathing suits offered by the vendors...

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Adults only resorts topless

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