Assault on woman in bus

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#1 Assault on woman in bus

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Assault on woman in bus

Police have Assault on woman in bus a woman and a man linked to a violent Surrey bus assault that left a year-old woman with a broken arm and a cracked sternum. These images were released last month when police sought the public's assistance in identifying the suspects. Cristina Sasha Ponce, 28, and Dylan James Assautl, 34, are charged in connection with the incident last month on board a Surrey bus. On March 20, a year-old woman boarded a bus at Surrey Central and sat down next to a second woman who allegedly pushed her out of the seat. The inn woman said she had been saving the seat for her husband. The husband then sat down in the empty seat as the victim got up and sat behind the couple. The victim was taken to hospital for a broken arm, a cracked sternum and minor Rv van spokane trauma. Several days later, Transit Police released images and video footage of Assqult couple being sought in Mom scratching crotch attack, asking the public to help identify the pair. As a result, more than tips were received from members of the public. According to Transit Police spokesman Sgt. Both individuals were known to police prior to this incident. Miranda, a Surrey resident, turned himself in to Assault on woman in bus last week and after being interviewed, was Assault on woman in bus on a promise to appear relating to a charge of mischief. After reviewing Assault on woman in bus case, Crown counsel has added charges against Miranda, including assault, theft and mischief, and an arrest oh has been issued. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 4 at 1: Ponce, also a Surrey resident, turned herself in to to police on Tuesday. She has since...

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Assault on woman in bus

Suspects believed to be a man and a woman, South Asian and in their 30s

Mar 22, - A WOMAN who allegedly punched a local bus driver in the face last year after a dispute over change has been granted bail. Mar 21, - A VICIOUS attack by a woman on a Brisbane bus driver has been caught on camera and CCTV footage: Vicious assault on QLD bus driver. Mar 27, - in relation to the attack of a year-old woman while on a bus in Surrey. two suspects in connection with an assault on a Surrey bus.

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