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With her eyes tightly shut and her face covered with paint, sequins and paper flowers, Bulgarian bride Fatme Inus followed centuries of tradition in her village when she married her groom yesterday. The practice of painting the bride's face Bulgarian bride and groom and decorating it Month ago thai teen sequins and coloured paint is called 'gelena' Bulgarian bride and groom Bulgarian and is unique to Fatme's home, the remote town of Ribnovo. Ribnovo, set on a snowy mountainside in southwest Bulgaria, has Bulgarian bride and groom its traditional winter marriage ceremony alive despite decades of Communist persecution, followed by poverty that forced many men to seek work abroad. Here comes the bride: Fatme Inus, her face painted white and decorated with sequins, emerges to present herself to villagers. Fatme Inus married her groom yesterday at the end of the a two-day wedding celebration in in Ribnovo, Bulgaria. The practice of painting the bride's face white and decorating it with sequins and coloured paint is called 'gelena' in Bulgarian, is unique to Ribnovo and is a tradition going back centuries. A young man urges away an inconvenient herd of sheep passing in front of bride Fatme Inus, Bulgarian bride and groom face painted white and decorated with sequins, as she holds a mirror and stands on a chair with her groom Mustafa Sirakov outside her home. The occasions are so important young men return from abroad to the crisp mountain snows, just for the winter weddings. People in Ribnovo identify themselves more by their religion, as Muslims, than by their ethnicity or nationality, and the wedding ceremony is an expression of their piety. The village has 10 clerics and two mosques for 3, inhabitants. On the morning of the wedding they hang the items on a wooden scaffolding, 50...

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By Corey Charlton for MailOnline. Scores of young Roma women have been paraded before potential suitors at a Bulgarian 'bride market' where poor families are given the chance to arrange financially beneficial marriages for their children. Here the potential brides are provocatively dressed, donning gobs of mascara and wearing flashy jewellery, towering heels and mini-skirts. And surrounding them in the car boot-like sale event are young men whose family hope to find them a wife at a good cost. Scroll down for video. Roma boys and girls chat during the open-air 'bride market' in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. A girl checks her makeup using a broken mirror at the market, where girls are displayed before prospective suitors. The market, which is held four times a year, is an opportunity for parents to catch up on gossip as well as play matchmaker for their sons and daughters. The families gathered in Stara Zagora are part of a community of about 18, Roma known as Kalaidzhi, who traditionally make a living as coppersmiths. They are among the most poverty-stricken people in a deeply impoverished region and seek to forge mutually beneficial unions that will help them weather Bulgaria's economic downturn. The 'bride market' - held four times a year on various religious holidays during the spring and summer - is a chance for the Roma's nomadic tinkers to meet and not only catch up on gossip, but also play matchmaker for their adolescent sons and daughters. Boys and girls dance side-by-side on the cars in a rare opportunity that flouts the community's conservative values, in which youths are rarely allowed to mingle with the opposite sex. Kalaidzhi, who are almost all devout Orthodox Christians, are known to remove girls from school at 15 or even earlier to keep them safe from temptation. A...

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Bulgaria is a land steeped in tradition. Many of its ancient traditions, including its wedding traditions, are still practiced today, little changed from years ago. Wedding Home Europe Bulgaria Wedding. Food Strong drinks Drinks coffee, tea. Important addresses and phones Landmarks Tips Hotels Restaurants. The pre-engagement and full-engagement rites Even today many couples still observe the ancient engagement rites just as they have been handed down for generations. Even in ancient times a wedding required the agreement of the bride, something not true in many cultures. If the father agreed to the marriage he would then ask his daughter three times if she wished to marry. The actual engagement takes place on a holiday or on a Sunday. Relatives and neighbors are invited and a small feast is held. It is during this meeting that details of the marriage are agreed upon. An agreement made during this engagement feast is considered legal and binding. The engagement lasts from one day to a year or even longer depending on local customs. In olden times there was a great deal of ritual involved with the parties, but today the parties are similar to the parties in the United States or Western Europe. Even so, this is a time for the man and the woman to bid their single friends farewell Pre-wedding rituals Most weddings in Bulgaria take place on Sunday. The rising of the dough symbolizes the creation of a new family unit. There is a great deal of ritual associated with the wedding banner. The pole for the banner must be from a fruit-bearing tree and the 6-foot-long pole must be chopped from the tree with a single ax stroke. An apple or an onion wrapped in foil is pierced onto the top of the pole, and a hand-woven kerchief is...

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But these young Roma women will have a different fate than most. POSING for selfies, slapping on lipstick and dancing around a bedroom strewn with clothing, these young teens could be from almost any city in the world. The 18,strong community is widely discriminated against across Eastern Europe and renowned for fiercely guarding their cultural traditions. Young women can be forced to leave school as soon as they have their first period, according to academic Alexey Pamporov who has studied the Roma for two decades. When they grow up in the culture what can they do? The tradition is the subject of a recent Broadly documentary Young Brides for Sale by Milene Larsson and Alice Stein, who travelled to Stara Zagora in Bulgaria to watch one family up close as their teenage daughters prepared to meet potential husbands by whitening their face with pomade and trying on dresses bought online. They are brought up not to discover who they are and their ambitions, but instead to obey and serve their future husbands. Her daughter Pepa agreed: It is very important because a lot of money is given for virginity. Roma girls pose during an open-air 'bride market' in the central village of Mogila in While neither girl actually makes a match, the parents are not unhappy. Most will chose a familiar discomfort zone rather than the lonely prospect of the absolute unknown. Mr Pamparov said while there were undoubtedly some cases of forced marriage for those in unfortunate positions, it was difficult to generalise about the ancient tradition in an orthodox community often separated by geography. The girl has a right to refuse. I have to ask my parents to ask your parents and the elders are negotiating a price. Watch the full film at Broadly. Log in No...

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In Bulgaria a man sends his best friend to the home of the woman he would like to marry. The approval of the woman's father is needed. When he decided that there will be a wedding he symbolically asks his daughter if she would like to marry the certain man. She has to give a positive answer three times. After that the potential groom will be invited to personally visit the woman's home. During that visit the engagement party will be held. Bulgarians have stag and chicken parties. They are based on local traditions. Weddings are traditionally held on Sunday. On Thursday before the wedding bride's mother makes "pita" or "pitka". It is a traditional round bread. This kind of bread is prepared for both couple and the guests. There is one more object that plays an important role in the Bulgarian wedding. It is a wedding banner. It is made by the groom's best man. A flag pole is made out of a fruit tree. It is some 1. An apple wrapped in the golden or red foil is placed on its top. It symbolizes fertility and the Sun. The pole is decorated with various colourful ribbons, ivy etc. It is interesting to mention that in some Bulgarian regions people make a white flag for the bride and the red one for the groom. A single flag pole with red and white flags can also be seen. The wedding day rituals start in the groom's home. Traditionally groom's friends pour some barley on the groom. Some guests have weapons. They shoot in the air. It is believed that by doing so the evil spirits will stay away from the whole event. The groom's parents bless their son and wish him all the best in the future life. The groom...

Bulgarian bride and groom


The typical Bulgarian wedding is lively, cheerful, loud and emotional, with a lot of fun and dancing and considerable quantities of homemade rakia and wine, but. Sep 16, - Lana discusses the traditions of her Bulgarian wedding ceremony and why, according to customs, she's now the boss of the family. Jan 13, - Weddings in Ribnovo, southern Bulgaria, only take place during the winter and the traditional white mask worn by the bride goes back.

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