City club oklahoma swing

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#1 City club oklahoma swing

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City club oklahoma swing

Ballroom Lessons are held each Tv univison news babes pic evening at 6: Ballroom City club oklahoma swing are held on the first and third Friday's of the month at 8: Please contact Dawn Mahiya at Events alternate between the Spirit of '76 club and Okie Diamonds club. Click here to check the Calendar for times and dates. For questions regarding the program, please contact Jeff Holley at Spirit City club oklahoma swing '76 Contact: Each class will build Ciyy what we learned the last lesson and set you up for success in the next lesson. You will not be completely lost if you jump in a Sunday ssing or only attend one class but we highly encourage and recommend you to attend all 4 classes in order to get the most out of the lessons. No partner or experience of any kind required. If you have questions, please call or emailAmber Templeton at: Ballroom, Country and West Coast Swing dancers welcome. Attire is dressy-casual including nice jeans. We City club oklahoma swing couples, singles, students and visitors. For more information contact. City club oklahoma swing Cobb Senior Lessons are held each Tuesday and Thursday at They are open to all levels and are able to customize classes for their students needs. Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. If you have any questions please feel free to call Shay at or email ivannashayalot gmail.

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We have a beautiful raised wooden dance floor for your dancing enjoyment. Beginning dance instruction by Candi Boone goes from 6: Intermediate instruction by Ken Sprouse 7: We dance from 8: For Info please call , , , , , , or We now have beginning and intermediate lessons included in your admission price. To meet the increased demand for ballroom dance lessons, lessons are offered every Friday evening from 6: For a printable schedule, click here. Schedule of Dances for Lesson Candi, 7 pm Int. Lesson Ken, 8 pm Dance. Lesson Candi, 7pm Int. Lesson Ken, 8 pm Green Dance. Candi, 7 pm Int. Ken, 8 pm Dance Sock Hop. The music is an equal mix of Ballroom, Country, and Swing, so everyone can participate. Click the link to visit their website: Please pick up their schedule for all the details. They are located at N. For information and a calendar: Ballroom Dance Club of Oklahoma City.

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City club oklahoma swing

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We are located at the Oklahoma City Swing Club in the Springdale Shopping Center at N.W. 50th Street, Suite (NE corner of 50th and Meridian). No information is available for this page. For a great place to get down and dance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Swing Dance Club's got you covered. Take your twinkle toes to the next level at.

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