Clinical trials for hiv

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#1 Clinical trials for hiv

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Clinical trials for hiv

Antiretroviral therapy drugs can keep the amount of HIV virus Cllnical for a long time. However, this treatment does not remove the virus from the body. In the vast majority of patients antiretroviral therapy also will not protect the body Clinixal the virus once treatment stops. Researchers want to see if therapeutic vaccination can help people with HIV. Therapeutic vaccination means giving vaccines to treat an infection that someone already has HIV, in this case. It may help the body's immune system attack the infection. This study will look at different measures of HIV infection after receiving either therapeutic vaccination or a placebo. The advent of combination antiretroviral therapy cART has dramatically improved the clinical outcome in human immunodeficiency Clinical trials for hiv HIV -infected individuals through sustained reduction in viral replication. However, it has become clear that cART alone cannot eradicate HIV in infected individuals, likely in part due to the persistence of viral reservoirs tirals peripheral blood and various tissue compartments. Consequently, a major thrust of HIV research over the past several years has been to develop therapeutic strategies that These beautiful russian ladies here eliminate persistent viral reservoirs and boost host immunity to control viral replication upon discontinuation of cART. An effective therapeutic vaccine could augment immunologic control of HIV infection and potentially obviate the need for chronic cART. The current study is an exploratory randomized, 2-arm 1: After the week 56 visit, all Dance peeing wee will undergo an analytical treatment interruption to determine if the vaccination strategy results in an improved immune control of viral replication, as evidenced by a blunted or absent rebound Clinical trials for hiv HIV plasma viremia. All subjects will be followed through week 96 for safety and efficacy parameters. The rationale for testing the study vaccine regimen in...

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Clinical trials that are currently Open to Enrollment are listed by Category below. For each trial in the category, a link to more detailed information about the study will be provided. Please scroll down to select from the Study Categories to see the types of trials. You may also view a list of all studies. These studies are designed to help find out what treatments or drugs work best as an initial regimen. Treatment Experienced refers to people who are currently on medications or have taken medications in the past for HIV. Each study has a unique approach: Which are the best medications to treat with? When is the best time to change medications? How do we know when to change medications? HIV harms the immune system. These studies look at innovative ways to help your immune system work better while continuing to treat you with HIV medications. Women with HIV have unique gynecology, maternity, and metabolic issues. These studies are dedicated to fostering the health of women. When people with HIV have an additional infection like cytomegalovirus or tuberculosis, there are important treatment questions and side effects to look for. These studies are looking at that unique situation. People with HIV may also be infected with Hepatitis. These trials study the treatment of individuals with Hepatitis or individuals with Hepatitis and HIV. HIV infection may cause nervous system problems such as numbness and cognitive problems. These studies look at treatments for the problems. We know that many drugs used to successfully treat HIV have side effects. The following studies look at ways to treat the most common of these side effects. People with HIV may also be infected with Tuberculosis. Studies in this section are those in which no attempt is made to affect the outcome of HIV treatment,...

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Terms of use and Your privacy. Pretty much everything we know about how HIV treatment depends on research—and not just any research, but clinical trials involving HIV-positive people. Similarly, the future of our ability to respond to the needs of people living with HIV—whether its novel drugs for those starting therapy for the first time or in desperate need of new agents, new approaches to managing side effects or, best of all, a cure for the disease—depends greatly on people to continue enrolling in clinical trials today. Though most people living with HIV today have an abundance of treatment options to choose from and do not need clinical trials to access life-saving therapy, this is not true for everybody. A growing number of people are at the end of their treatment rope, given that their HIV has developed resistance to most, if not all, of the approved meds. There are also individuals who cannot tolerate many available treatments and need access to alternative options or experimental drugs for side effects. And there is always interest in trying new compounds that are easier to take, work differently than any agents approved to date or are potentially effective against non-AIDS diseases that affect people living with HIV, such as cancers, hepatitis, mental health problems and heart disease. Like all treatment decisions, deciding to join a clinical trial is a question tha can only be answered through discussions with your health care provider and others you trust. What is a clinical trial or study? The experiment may test the safety and usefulness of a new drug, or it may test several different kinds of drugs or treatment strategies to see which one is better. Some clinical trials test drugs that treat HIV directly, while other trials test drugs that treat or prevent the...

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A listing of clinical trials and observational studies related to the research effort to cure HIV infection, mainly derived from the clinicaltrials. Click the trial registry identifier numbers for a link to the full clinicaltrials. It's important to appreciate that at the current time, none of these studies is expected to produce a cure for HIV infection—they represent research working toward that goal. Table 3 contains completed studies, with links to published or presented results where available. Changes from the previous update are highlighted in yellow. Additional information on current approaches in HIV cure research can be found in TAG's annual pipeline report and cure research fact sheet. Please send updates, corrections, or suggestions to Richard Jefferys at richard. Trial Registry Identifier s. Estimated Study Completion Date. Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. VRC01 broadly neutralizing antibody in infants. NCT enrolling by invitation only. VRC01LS long-acting broadly neutralizing antibody. NCT closed to enrollment. University of California, San Francisco. High dose vitamin D supplementation. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. NCT not yet open for enrollment. McGill University Health Center. Perturbing of HIV reservoir with immune stimulation: University of California, San Diego. NCT suspended for review of adverse events. HIV 1 antigen expanded specific T cell therapy. Case Western Reserve University. ALT recombinant human super agonist interleukin complex. Dual anti-HIV gene transfer construct. NCT long term safety phase, invitation only. Guangzhou 8th People's Hospital. City of Hope Medical Center. Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center. Stem cells gene-modified with Cal Immune System Regulation AB. University of Lausanne Hospitals. Spanish Lung Cancer Group. Kansui traditional Chinese medicine containing ingenols. Impact of Everolimus on HIV persistence post kidney or liver transplant. HIV eradication through cord-blood transplantation. Puerta de Hierro University Hospital. Allogeneic transplant in individuals with chemotherapy-sensitive hematologic malignancies and coincident HIV infection. Washington University School of...

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A listing of HIV Infections medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area. People with who have HIV-I are invited to participate in a research study of an investigational medication for high cholesterol that is being conducted by Montefiore Medical Center. The purpose of the study is to gain a better understanding of sleep quality in older adults living with HIV and understand how sleep affects other HIV symptoms. There are 2 study visits. Each visit will last 60 to 90 minutes. There will be a survey and cognitive testing using Volunteers switch from current drugs to PRO Researchers at the University of Kentucky are conducting a study to learn how two different medications that are used to treat opioid use disorder affect the health of patients who are HIV-positive. We will be learning about a drug called Extended-Release Naltrexone. We hope to find out if using the This randomized phase III trial compares topical or ablative treatment with active monitoring in preventing anal cancer in patients with human immunodeficiency virus HIV and high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions HSIL. To determine the safety and tolerability of cabozantinib XL cabozantinib-s-malate as a single agent in solid tumor participants with human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection and to determine the maximal tolerated dose MTD in this patient population. To investigate possible pharmacokinetic interactions between cabozantinib and This is a single-center, open-label study on safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of Gardasil9 in 18 to 45 year-old HIV patients, in 18 to 55 year-old solid-organ transplant SOT patients. Search Medical Condition Please enter condition. Please choose location from dropdown. Study Type Interventional Trial Phase Phase 1 Found clinical trials. HIV-1 People with who have HIV-I are invited to participate...

Clinical trials for hiv

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Background: In most people who have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the immune system cannot control or cure the infection. Antiretroviral therapy drugs can keep the amount of HIV virus low for a long time. However, this treatment does not remove the virus from the body. A listing of clinical trials and observational studies related to the research effort to cure HIV infection, mainly derived from the online registry. The ACTG conducts offers a wide range of studies for people infected with HIV. Clinical trials that are currently Open to Enrollment are listed by Category below.

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