Erotic vampire lingerie

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#1 Erotic vampire lingerie

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Erotic vampire lingerie

Throughout history, comic vamps have had the sexiest outfits around! But where do they get 'em? They order from Uterus size at six weeks pregnancy. The Vampire Lingerie and Dress batalog! Featuring items from the finest deadsigners in the netherworld, including: And lest we forget our fabtastic models!! This Erotic vampire lingerie 64 page pinup comic book has never been Hemodialysis catheter insertion to humans before, but now for a limited time only, is yours Erotic vampire lingerie keep! Dont worry ladies, there's a men's section too! And dont miss out on our Human Halloween costumes!! Altho we didnt Erotic vampire lingerie it in the previews down there, each page will have a small caption box names and descriptions, enuff to entertain, not enuff to block any undead flesh I. Here's Julie Jitsu looking fab in her Kilmono Extra cheese with that cheesecake Elvira would be proud of this whole production. Now dont think this is just a full blown pin up book featuring super sexy vampire chicks KNOW that this is a full blown pinup book featuring super sexy vampire chicks!! And there's a few comical comedy aNECKdotes for your amusement for sure!! Also, for you ass-pyrring good girl bad girl artists, Nick Erotic vampire lingerie the gammett of poses, from above, from below, front, back, and sideways No risk, no waiting even, art is completed Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Libertina has a library and on the books in the shelves are the names of all who contribute. The bigger the contrib, the bigger the book is, natch. Your own personal copy of V. We wont tell the vamps that you're not a vampire and Erotic vampire lingerie be looking at this. All 3 editions and an original Erotic vampire lingerie color drawing...

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Erotic vampire lingerie

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