Fanfic inuyasha kagome lemon mediaminer

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#1 Fanfic inuyasha kagome lemon mediaminer

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Fanfic inuyasha kagome lemon mediaminer

Not suitable for readers under 16 ]. InuYasha Fan Fiction Genre s: She Fanfic inuyasha kagome lemon mediaminer fight against Inuyasha because she knew she loved him, and his feelings she couldn't dig into. So how was she supposed to find out? She could think of just one way, and it wasn't going to be very nice. She had to talk to him. She took a deep breath and steadied her nerve, and then went to the wellhouse again, getting this odd feeling that she was repeating the steps her mother did to conceive her, only in a mixed-up order. She only hoped the ending wouldn't come while Inuyasha was like this. Just how wrong could a person be? Feel the tension rise. And get to the lemon. He was still there, still shaking, only halfway to the well. He stiffened and spun to look at her when she spoke, and she could see the pleading in his eyes. He was trying to warn her to get away, and now. Not in a few seconds, not after saying something else, but Black girl dvd. But she couldn't just leave without talking to him. But what was it she wanted to say? She couldn't think when she looked into his eyes and Adult game graduation party looked back like that. But even as he said it, he was moving towards her, all the while trying not to. Her voice Fanfic inuyasha kagome lemon mediaminer out as a snap, but ended up just Fanfic inuyasha kagome lemon mediaminer. What part of this made her less angry?! Gods, she wouldn't get out of here without one way or another keeping up her anger. Well, she could just keep telling him to sit while she spoke, but that - Her thoughts cut...

#2 Hidden hot panty shots

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No readers under InuYasha Fan Fiction Genre s: One Shot Uploaded On: DelKaidin brought the picture, "Red Kanji" done by the amazing artist, Kristin Bergh, to my attention. This is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote about Inuyasha's mating mark. The coincidence is uncanny, because I'd never seen this picture prior to writing the fic! Thank you to LadyCatBailey and Sueric for your comments on this fic! Of course, Rumiko Takahashi owns all of the characters mentioned below…but a girl can dream, right? Kagome woke with a sudden gasp. Her skin was flushed and hot; she could feel the beads of sweat sliding down her back and between her breasts. The images that her sleepy brain allowed her to remember left little doubt of who she had been dreaming of…and what had woken her up. Turning over with a groan, Kagome unbuttoned the uppermost buttons of her pajama top as she unzipped her sleeping bag quietly. The last image in her mind had been of silky, silver hair fanning over her legs, and fiery amber eyes peering up at her as Inuyasha's mouth closed over her core…tongue probing and alternately sliding along her folds with varying degrees of pressure. Kagome bit her lip to stifle a moan…she could feel the wetness between her legs and couldn't believe that a dream could bring her to such a heated and hungry state. For almost two years now, Kagome had been in love with the half demon. From the first time she had seen him, pinned by Kikyou's arrow, her heart had been lost to him. While Kagome had always thought Inuyasha to be an amazingly good looking boy, her attraction to him had always been innocent in nature. During their travels, Inuyasha had gained additional height, so even...

#3 When the wind doth blow

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When the wind doth blow

No readers under Kagome comes home late: InuYasha Fan Fiction Genre s: One Shot Uploaded On: I have noticed all these people visiting my one-shot but no reviews! He stood about 6'1" when he wasn't hunchd over pacing back and forth. His youkai features consisted of his silvery hair, amber eyes and doggie ears. He paced along the marble tile of his living room. He shot daggers over to his wife who was sitting cross legged on the couch cowering in fear and in mixed emotion. She opened her mouth to say something but he put a hand up. She pouted her pink lips in irratation. She had long ebony hair that flowed to her shoulders and blue-grey eyes that could kick up a storm. Inuyasha stomped over to her. Why can't you ever listen? Kagome frowned and she looked hurt. Inuyasha's facial features softened a bit. Small tears formed in the corner of her stormy eyes. I thought you wouldn't mind. His doggie ears drooped and he scooped her up in to his arms molding her soft body to his hard one. He was just glad to know she was okay and back in the safty of his arms. She had left the pent house apartment agaisnt his wills and went to a club to drink and dance. Her out fit consisted of a black tube top that fit her features perfectly and a black mini skirt that was way to short. He relaxed a bit he was just glad she was back home, safe. He carried her with little energy to the master bedroom. She yawned in his arms letting him know she was sleepy. He dropped her tiny frame on the king sized bed and took a good look at his mate. Her ebony hair was...

#4 Women using mayonnaise erotica

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Women using mayonnaise erotica

Chapter 7 [ X - Adult: No readers under They have the time of their lives. What'll happen when Inuyasha finds out? InuYasha Fan Fiction Genre s: Kagome could hardly believe what she had said, herself. But, before she could take it back, Miroku had already climbed back under the covers. Almost immediately, he began kissing her. He led a trail of kisses down to her breasts. Once there, he took one of her nipples and nibbled on it gently. He ran his tongue across it as he did so. After doing this with the other nipple, he kissed her stomach and down to the heat between her legs. He darted his tongue in and out, causing a moan to escape Kagome's lips. He loved the taste of her. Kagome decided it was her turn to pleasure him. Kagome straddled him, her back to him now. Without saying a word, she touched the tip of his manhood with her tongue. She put her mouth around it and began to suck. She licked it and sucked at the same time. As the hot juice came forth, Kagome licked him clean. Miroku knew it was now time. Kagome took his place on the bed and he moved himself close to her heat. Hoping to keep it from hurting, he thrust quickly as a short cry escaped Kagome's lips. He thrust several more times and Kagome cried out after each one. After they'd finished, Miroku laid back down beside Kagome and drifted off to sleep. When morning came, Miroku opened his eyes and found amber ones staring back. Miroku glanced downward and noticed the Tetsuiga lay against his throat. It was at this moment Kagome awoke. Sango made me come back here for the monk and what do I find? He's already...

#5 Lump in cats tummy

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Lump in cats tummy


Fanfic inuyasha kagome lemon mediaminer

Anime/Manga: InuYasha Fan Fiction Summary: Inuyasha breaks away from the group, fed up with Kagome's One-Shot lemon, dedicated to InuGrrrl. It all started when Kagome and InuYasha needed to give a grieving Miroku a WARNINGS: LEMON - explicit sex, oral, double penetration, yaoi, non-con. Summary: Kagome is back in her own time, and is moving on with her life. A chance encounter may be all it takes for her to find out just where it is she is going.

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