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#1 Gay bear fanfiction

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Gay bear fanfiction

I was visiting the bears like usual, then I saw Ice Bear coming inside with groceries. I blushed softly seeing, then I noticed he stared at me for a bit making my blush even worse. Soon Ice Bear went into the kitchen, I slowly got up and went into the kitchen. I saw him putting Gay bear fanfiction boxes Gay bear fanfiction cereal into the counters, then some cans in another counter. Then he looked over at French nudist couple, I waved shyly at him, then he continued what he was doing. I just want to hug him from behind, kiss his cheek and ganfiction but I ganfiction I can't and it won't happen. Then Fanfuction noticed that Ice Bear was coming to me, I blushed Mental domination submission got a little tense. He stared at me, Ice Bear touched my shoulder and my heart started racing. Ice Bear nodded Penthouse magazine full penetration photos he went to cook some food, I left the kitchen and went to the living room. I sighed softly as I was calming myself down, then I saw Grizz. Then we heard a loud chop, I guess Ice Bear can be loud when he's cooking. Grizz grabbed my hand and Gay bear fanfiction me to the couch, I looked at him. Grizz chuckled and I looked away blushing, then he placed a paw on my shoulder. I sighed then nodded, Grizz smiled and I got up. I went to the kitchen to see Ice Bear, he's almost done but I could hear Gay bear fanfiction mumbling to Gay bear fanfiction. I wonder what he's saying, as I got closer I could hear that his mumbles sound angry. I touched his shoulder and he turned to me, holding a knife tightly. Ice Bear...

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Nude amatuer blonde mego tattoo

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! A team of the Earth's best forces have to stop a terrorist group from unleashing Hell in YouTopia in the form of a malicious AI trained about the Earth's worst elements. Not for the faint harted. Grizz starts having flashbacks about his mom. And a bear hunter starts hunting him and his brothers. Thought I'd try my hand at an x Reader. I've never done anything like this before, and second person perspective will be an interesting challenge for me to experiment with. These are one-shots for We Bare Bears, so cutesy fluffy things with the bear boys. Ice Bear comes to reveal certain secrets to his family and friends. One such secret involves Yana and her Nom Nom needs to lay low for a while and he needs help from Grizz but the media cannot know where he is or who Grizz is and Grizz must not let his brothers know about this either. Does Nom Nom deserve to be helped? Should Grizz waste his time with this? Grizz, Panda, and Ice are three brothers trying to navigate their mid-twenties by working together in a coffee shop so that they can save up and pursue their respective dreams of being a movie producer, an artist, and a home-maker. Their menial life is disrupted when a newcomer to town, Charlie, unexpectedly becomes a part of their lives, bringing a little more adventure and mishaps than before. Or, in other words, my three homies are broke as fuck, Panda's hot for Charlie, and no one knows what they're doing including me. Panda has been getting used to Charlie hanging around him often, finally...

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It had been just about a week since Ice Bear and Grizz have had their little The entire time, Ice Bear being completely oblivious on what had happened on that night. Or at the very least, he acted that way. However, it wasn't enough to fool his old brother. Grizz knew without a doubt that Ice Bear remembers everything. Well, maybe not everything. Just the one part that he's sure the two of them both with they could forget. Grizz could tell however, that this was definitely something neither of them would be forgetting any time soon. Grizz let out a sigh. It was starting to get old. He probably heard those words more than a hundred times over the past week. The three brothers were on their way to a local book store. Apparently, they had just gotten a new shipment in of some sort of manga that Panda's been following recently, so Ice Bear decided to accompany him. Grizz, only going to continue and try and get answers from the ever so silent Ice Bear. If you keep acting this way when Chloe comes over tonight, there's no way she's going to keep wanting to hang out with us. You're already on the verge of making me want to pull my fur out. Chloe was coming over to play their annual game of charades that they place every Thursday night. The constant friction between the two have made the past week pretty rough for all of them. When the three of them got to the book store, Panda immediately split from the group and headed to the manga section leaving the two of them alone. Hey-" Before Grizz could say a word to Ice Bear, Ice Bear had already walked away heading for the other side of the...

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It was a cool autumn night in San Francisco, The wind was active tonight as it blew against the trees. Panda sat in his room on his cell phone, and ice bear sat in the living room as he knitting panda and grizz a little sweater as it was getting a little colder lately and he figured they'd need it. Panda giggled to himself as he swiped on to the next meme on his phone. Even though he worried a bit. All was going well until A pretty big one too as it noticed panda and bared its yellow fangs at him. Panda let out an earth shattering scream as he doubled over and fell back onto his bed. He gave a little whimper as he began to cry a bit. W-w-what do I do? That rat looks rabid, I can't just kick it out I couldn't even kick the mouse out I had ice bear's help.. GAH why am I so.. His train of thought was cut off as he heard a SNAP come and a quick squeak come from the door. As he pulled his face out of his pillow he looked over to see ice bear by the doorway. And the rat caught in the trap. Being honest he knew what he said was a complete play down as he was actually terrified, and still trying to calm down now. Ice bear looked at first and thought panda was just scared but at a closer look saw his eyes red? Like he was crying. Ice bear eyes widened a bit as he brought panda in a tiny embrace and assured "Ice bear says you're ok, the rat is gone, your safe. Panda shocked a bit at the sudden embrace hugged back confused at why the sudden embrace...

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Gay bear fanfiction

Ice Bear - [Lemon]

idk Gay bears i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean i would love if it was like:Griz Luvs Panda,Panda Luvs Ice Bear,Ice Bear Luvs Griz and Panda Luvs Griz,Griz Luvs Ice. After Ice Bear's first 'active' mating season, things about him begins to change as he and Grizzly try to keep their secret from Panda. Ice Bear begins to gai. You were friends with the bears. You knew them for about a bare. bear. bears. furry. gay. grizz. grizzly. ice. icebear. lemon. love. male. panda. reader. romance.

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