Giunea pig pregnancy

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#1 Giunea pig pregnancy

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Giunea pig pregnancy

If she is, then you need to know what to watch for. Think twice before you breed your guinea pig! If you know and accept the risks, then read on to become familiar with the stages of pregnancy. Before pregnancy, the two lovebirds must mate. The male will put on a manly display for the female, rumbling, standing upright before her, and approaching her Giunea pig pregnancy Giuneq head lowered. If the female is receptive to his suggestion, she will signal her acceptance with loud squeals. How can you tell if the sow has become pregnant? If you have been breeding Bahamas twin sister or if you suspect she has mated, then do not lift her without supporting her Light rope sunbeam, in order to safeguard Giune fetuses. As soon as you suspect she has mated successfully, you should replace her usual Timothy hay with alfalfa. Alfalfa has extra calcium and protein, both of which Gay man muscular naked very much needs. Giunea pig pregnancy nutrients will nourish her as well as the fetuses and also prevent hair loss. She also needs extra vitamin C; you can give at least 10mg orally. Try giving her Paris hilton buys fake boobs peppers, more broccoli and kale. While your sow might Giunea pig pregnancy from one to six pups or even more, the average litter size is 3. Interesting fact — The largest numbers of pups a sow has given Giunea pig pregnancy to was 14! If your sow is carrying more pups rather than less, her length of pregnancy will more likely be closer to 60 days than Weigh Giunea pig pregnancy sow weekly to be certain she is gaining weight at a regular pace. As before, you should pick her up only if necessary and only...

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The best thing is to take your guinea pig to your vet for a pregnancy diagnosis. They can diagnose a pregnancy in various ways depending on how long your guinea pig has been pregnant. Some vets can do ultrasound exams to visualise babies in the womb. There are vets who specialise in exotic animal medicine and surgery, including guinea pigs: The mean length of pregnancy for a litter of 1 guinea pig is 70 days; for a litter of 6 guinea pigs its 67 days. First litters tend to be smaller than subsequent litters. Females do become very big during pregnancy. Determining the presence of babies is important. It is also important to determine the number of babies in the womb so that you can be sure the mother has given birth to all the babies and is not having difficulties delivering them all helps to ensure no babies have remained stuck in the womb. General information on feeding guinea pigs is provided in the Knowledgebase article What should I feed my guinea-pig? Any changes to the existing diet should be made gradually to avoid stress or gastrointestinal upset which may affect the pregnancy. Difficulty giving birth is quite common in guinea pigs so it's important to see your vet for further advice about care of pregnant guinea pigs and the birthing process. You will need to determine with your vet when your guinea pig is likely to give birth and to observe her closely to ensure she receives veterinary help should there be any problems. The signs of pregnancy toxaemia are abrupt onset of depression quiet, weak, lethargic and anorexia not eating. Risk reduction includes preventing obesity in the mother guinea pig and providing adequate energy in the diet late in gestation. Young guinea pigs begin eating solid food...

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Pregnancy is hard work for a female guinea pig. She may carry several pups, between one and six, and they're carried in the womb for 58 — 73 days. Whilst guinea pigs should never be bred intentionally, coming home from the pet store with a guinea pig who is already pregnant is a common story. However, with the proper care this risk can be significantly reduced and your pregnant guinea pig can be kept in good health. If you've found out that your guinea pig is pregnant, check on it several times a day to monitor its drinking and eating habits so you know what is normal and can react to changes. To prevent high stress levels, which can lead to disease, keep your guinea pig away from direct sunlight. As the pregnancy develops, carefully check the guinea pig twice a week for signs of illness, like crusty eyes or a patchy coat. Finally, feed your guinea pig high quality hay and pellets throughout its pregnancy. Guinea Pig Reproductive Health. Een zwangere cavia helpen. Look for symptoms of pregnancy. Physical signs of pregnancy are hard to detect, and often only become apparent towards the end of pregnancy. Nevertheless, you may notice your guinea pig begin to eat and drink more, and their belly begin to grow — see Tell if Your Guinea Pig Is Pregnant. Do not apply pressure to the abdomen as you may cause a miscarriage. Be aware that young guinea pigs will begin to eat more as they grow anyway. Small litters do not cause the belly to enlarge significantly, and will not be as noticeable. All guinea pigs enjoy burrowing down in hay, but do not nest specifically because of pregnancy. Have the pregnancy diagnosed by a vet. If you suspect your sow is pregnant, take...

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I recently adopted two guinea pigs. I was told the first one was a female by a so-called breeder who happened to work at the local pet shop so I got her a young friend. I got him when he was 9 months old and her when she was 4 months. They are now 13 months and 7 months respectively. A female guinea pig who is first bred after 7 or 8 months of age could be at risk of dystocia difficult birth because the pelvic bones have fused together with too little separation because she was not bred earlier. Based on the age of your female guinea pig, a visit to the veterinarian might be in order. It is possible to have an ultrasound performed on your guinea pig by your veterinarian to insure her health. This ultrasound will also show how many pups she is going to have and determine her general health. Having a veterinarian who already has her information will help greatly if she runs into problems during delivery. This occurs at the last 10 to 15 days of the pregnancy. Then there is a point when her hips begin to spread to allow the passing of the babies down the birth channel. This is a very rare occurrence. Holding her bottom in the palm of your hand with the majority of her body across your forearm and her head facing you, gently run the index finger of your other hand down her tummy until you are above her pelvic bone; this is located above the point at which she voids her bladder. You can feel a bone just above her vaginal opening; this bone will have two bumps positioned closely together. This point begins to open as her hips spread apart. When the mother is...

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Due to the precocity of sexual maturity in guinea pigs, as well as the relative difficulty in determining their sex, it is not uncommon to adopt pregnant guinea pigs without being aware of it. That's why in this AnimalWised article, we're going to show you not only how to take care of a pregnant guinea pig , but how to tell they are pregnant in the first place. We'll detail their specific needs in terms of food and environment, as well as what to watch out for in terms of risks to both mother and babies. We'll also show you what you need in terms of delivery so you can be a cuy midwife if needs be. Before we can tend to the needs of our guinea pig , we need to ensure they are indeed pregnant. The circumstances bringing the guinea pig into our homes means we may not even be sure of how old our cavies are, if they have yet reached sexual maturity or if they have been in contact with a male. However, if we suspect pregnancy, we can look out for the following signs:. To be certain, we'll need to consult our veterinarian. Using an ultrasound, it's possible to confirm the pregnancy and find out how many little sprogs our guinea pig is gestating. This can be anywhere from 1 to 6, generally the more fetuses, the easier it will be to tell if they are pregnant from looking at them. The vet will also be there to provide information about the care of our guinea pig as well as field any questions or doubts. Although during this period our guinea pig may seem to be leading a practically normal life, there are some important aspects we'll need to consider. Once a pregnancy is confirmed,...

Giunea pig pregnancy


Pregnancy lasts from days. The average litter size is two to four babies (pups). Do not make changes to a pregnant females cage, it may stress her and she will stop eating and drinking. Guinea pigs make no preparation for the labor and birthing process. Before we talk about the stages of your guinea pig's pregnancy, let's make certain that your guinea pig is already pregnant. If she is, then you need to know what. Jan 3, - I thought for sure my female guinea pig had written off her new male friend, but, to my surprise, they'd had a secret romance.

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