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#1 Hosiery news articles

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Hosiery news articles

In Great Britain, hosiery includes all types of machine-knit garments. In the 8th century bc the Greek poet Hesiod referred to piloi, probably matted from animal hairs, articlew a lining for shoes. The Romans wrapped their ndws, legs, and ankles in long strips of leather or woven cloth. Udones, first mentioned in the 2nd century adwere cut and Hosiery news articles from woven fabric, felt, or skins and were pulled over the footbut they lacked elasticity. Hosiegy socks from between the 3rd and 6th centuries ad have been discovered in Egyptian tombs. Hand-knit stockings evolved into their jews form by the 17th century. Queen Elizabeth I refused a patent to the inventor of the first knitting machinePregnant men videos Reverend William Leebecause his stockings were coarser than those of fine silk imported from Spain. His improved model made finer stockings, but he was again refused a patent because of the fear that it would harm hand knitters. Lee died in poverty in France aboutbut his brother returned to England and began the framework-knitting industry. Its general principles are incorporated in Hosiery news articles modern machines, and the bearded-spring needle, part of the original model, is still used in machines producing full-fashioned stockings. Full-fashioned stockings are knitted flat, then fashioned, or shaped, by hand manipulation Hsoiery hand seamed up the back. Knitting is back and forth Teen girl for cash the fabric weft knitting on a straight-bar machine invented in Loughborough, Leicestershire, Eng. The stocking is started at the top with the welt, an extra-thick section for gartering. The fabric is shaped by reducing the number of needles at the ankle, then adding needles at the heel, and again reducing the number through the foot. Seamless stockings are knitted on circular machines, brought out in the midth century. For...

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One should be so lucky. What was once the bugbear of its recipients is increasingly a prized gift, courtesy of the wide array of designer brands that have tapped into the often-ignored category. For a few seasons, Thom Browne has been making fashionable socks that complement his abbreviate tailoring. What is clear is that the ankle is having a moment. For men, socks have long been a way to express a sense of style — bright, block-colour socks can often be seen peeking beneath the trousers of sharp-suited city slickers — and the trend also resonates with more casually-minded male consumers. But Vetements, it appears, is the most popular by far. The opportunity has not gone unnoticed by entrepreneurs. Approximately 45 percent of those sales are down to the double-striped, logo-branded athletic sock that Bombas is best known for. Heath compares the global socks market to the coffee market. Stance, a socks brand founded in , has become one of the biggest proprietors of premium socks. That same year, it collaborated with Rihanna and Ronnie Fieg , and has since added Willow Smith and Hanne Gaby Odiele to its large roster of collaborators. Inside the Fashion Nova Hype Machine. How to Set the Right Price. Learn How a Stylist Prepares for a Shoot. A Tale of Two Sales. Want a Fashion Job in Italy? Nike's Football Bet Is Paying off. Visit BoF Fashion Week. By Osman Ahmed June 27, Article topic Accessories Trends.

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Hosiery news articles

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Latest developments in the design and manufacture of hosiery & socks. Our Hosiery & Socks news category covers the latest developments in the design and. Jun 27, - Once the preserve of mass-market retailers and specialised hosiery firms, socks have . Related Articles: Get our complimentary morning briefing, featuring agenda setting news & analysis on the global fashion industry. These Superior No-Show Socks Are a Summer Miracle. The ultimate Spring's Coolest Socks Make Your Ankles the Star of the Show. 13 ways to dip your toes.

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