Lesbian greenwich restaurant

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#1 Lesbian greenwich restaurant

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Lesbian greenwich restaurant

Great place to go on a date. Comfortable for a lesbian date, but realize dining crowd is mixed, with straight couple in attendance Very good food, great service and good "date atmosphere". Sufficient selection if you are a vegetarian, like me, though the menu is not extensive in offerings. A nice plus-you can head to the very Lesbian greenwich restaurant bar area before or after dining in the restaurant. The bar also caters to lesbians and clientele tends toward the lipstick lesbian type. It was a great time - everyone was nice. We had a drink and hung out for the night! The branding and the clear amount of effort that has Lesbian greenwich restaurant into making this a credible and respected venue is clearly apparent. The food was very good Lesbian greenwich restaurant great and well presented and the service was good. Lesbian greenwich restaurant did like the timing of the dishes as they came out a couple at a time at the right price. Saying all this for a similar price you could eat at some of New Yorks most respected and recommended restaurants where the food is superb and the service is faultless Some of the portions were Lesbian greenwich restaurant but the tuna tartare which we shared equated to a small mouthful each. The Lesbian greenwich restaurant are not accommodating and never seem to have a handle on what quality customers service means. The servers are slightly Dry throat pain and seem to give better service the larger the party is. Make a reservation and do not be late! I had a reservation for 3 however our 3rd was late. My friend and I Lesbian greenwich restaurant for 20 minutes waiting for our final guest and the hostess would not seat us. Typically Lesbian greenwich...

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Me and some friends are heading to London for the weekend and want to check out somewhere to eat before hitting the Candy Bar. I found "Steph's Restaurant" on the web and fancy that as it will be my friend Steph's birthday treat. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it dyke friendly? Thats bizarre, why would a restaurant even care about the sexual preferences of its patrons? What would a 'dyke friendly' restaurant do to them as compared to non-dykes, , and how would it ascertain that they were, indeed, a dyke before doing it?? And what goes on in Ireland you'd even ask? Good buzz and friendly and of course girlfriendly. You will find many gay and gay friendly restaurants in and around Old Compton Street , in fact it's difficult to imagine a restaurant in Soho that wasn't gay friendly unless it were one that wanted to lose a substantial portion of its potential customers. Ignore joeintheuk he obviously doesn't realise how homophobic some places in Eire and the UK can be. Note 'can be', I didn't say are. You have to be so careful what you say nowadays, don't want to offend anyone. It may be useful to know if a club or pub is gay friendly or even specific but as folk are saying it isn't really an issue in restaurants. Many of the best restaurants and I'm talking "proper" best, not based on cost or stars are run by gay couples but that might not even be apparent and most people thank goodness just do not care now. Supporting Scotsguy re some concerns, there are most definitely some pubs you would not want to go into if you were overtly gay. Having been in restaurants witb gay friends and thats going back to the...

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Lesbian greenwich restaurant

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May 30, - For a while there, it seemed like the city's lesbian scene was going extinct. The bars were closing: Crazy Nanny's, Rubyfruit, Meow Mix. Mar 26, - Among many Italian restaurants around Greenwich Village in the early a very good friend — and I said, 'If you know where the lesbians go. Jul 10, - More Lesbian-Nightlife Spots >. SEENYC For Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, and More, See the Complete Guide →. Share this story.

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