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Louisiana professional private investigator

We work with lawyers, Louisiana professional private investigator, and private individuals to uncover the truth. Call or fill out our form today to discuss your situation with a member of our staff. We offer experienced investigators with the professional skills and access to the latest technology and equipment to give you indisputable Shipping nylon syringe filters that will stand up in a court of law. Retired police officer with over 35 years Louisiana professional private investigator continuous, full-time investigative experience. Prodessional thoroughly trained in all aspects of covert video prrofessional, court testimony, and report writing. CSI Investigators work closely with insurance defense attorneys and businesses to provide invwstigator evidence in insurance claim cases. Services include, but are not limited to, video surveillance, inveztigator checks, witness location and interviews, and service of due process. We will give you the evidence you need to make a sound business decision. We provide a thorough background investigation consisting of information about an individual's past and current behavior. Our investigators are experienced and equipped to conduct child custody investigations. We work diligently with individuals and their attorneys to ensure the welfare and safety of the profsssional. The evidence we skillfully document will be provided with a copy of any video footage and a comprehensive proffessional professional report. CSI Investigators handle child custody assignments with Lkuisiana upmost discretion and performance to give you the peace of mind you need. We work closely with profesisonal and other clients Louisiana professional private investigator provide necessary evidence to defend criminal charges. Our Louisiana professional private investigator investigations are done on a case-by-case basis, Lyrics for freak on a leash tailored to individual needs. Services may include crime scene investigation, witness location, interviews, recorded statements, photographs, subpoena service, in-depth Louisaina check, and other requested services. Our experienced investigators...

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Please read ALL of the following information carefully and complete the entire application either by typing or printing the answers to all of the questions. When sending in your application, you must send everything required on the instruction sheet in order for it to be processed. If everything is not sent in, the application will not be processed and will be returned to you, which will delay the licensing process. State statutes do not permit refunding of fees. The Board staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning the application and suggest that you contact the Board office at Or The Board encourages you to attend all Board meetings as often as time permits. If you are forming your own company, planning to work independently, or going to do contract work for others, you must apply for an Agency level license. This license will allow you to work for yourself and for other agencies. Apprentice is a license that allows an individual to serve one year only under the sponsorship of a licensed Louisiana investigative agency. This registration is non-renewable. Within that year, if the apprentice intends to continue as an investigator, they must attend the Basic Training Course and pass the course exam. Upon completion of all other requirements, the apprentice may request transfer of license status. You have been provided an application so that you may apply for a private investigator journeyman level license. You must complete the entire application, being extremely detailed when providing information. The journeyman application is a three page document and affidavit. Both sections must be completed in detail and must be notarized. Do not leave any questions unanswered. The fingerprinting should be performed by someone competent in the area of fingerprinting. If there are smudges and smears, the...

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The Louisiana Private Investigators Association was founded to promote and to maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of private investigators. You are invited to take the time to browse through our site and learn about the LPIA. You will find information about Louisiana private investigators, LPIA member benefits, history, events and links of interest. We are a non-profit professional trade organization and not a licensing authority. We are a professional membership organization. We display their contact information here as a service to our members and the general public. We hope that you take the time to browse through our site and learn about the LPIA. Our past publications included all four of the LPIA Regions - but it requires both commitment and a bit of "free labor". We have lacked the necessary resources, skills, or membership participation for a "dry spell", but recently several members have stepped forward to fill leadership roles that have been vacant. This publication originally only covered Region 2, but is slated to grow in future issues. Do you have any useful information you would like to share with the membership or private investigative industry? Didn't get your copy of this very useful publication? You may also view the newsletter on our NEWS page on this site. You may be more pleasantly surprised than you thought you'd be! It sounded more like a challenge to me! As the membership was previously informed via personal e-mail, the winning Region of this contest would be hosting a Bar-B-Que to celebrate and meet other regional membership. As it has turned out, for the first time in membership history, Region 4's win gives rise to a scheduling conflict with a Summer Meeting, previously in the works to be held in Region 4 - a fish fry and day...

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Scott Frank understands the hurt and pain when it comes to a cheating spouse, infidelity and adultery matter. He has fought for custody of his kids and won thanks to hiring a PI. Call us for details on this service. Our Private Investigator service from Scott Frank is professional, thorough and reasonably priced. The proof of adultery Infidelity, Cheating Spouse or Affair has been known to factor into some outcomes of divorce including: Generally speaking courts will only recognize a license private investigator or someone certified or qualified to do surveillance work In Louisiana. Family, friends or any one not qualified under Louisiana law can be subject to the stalking laws. Scott has proven child abuse, neglect at many court hearings throughout Louisiana which has caused a switch in custody when proving such circumstances. Proof on any of the following can affect child custody agreements: Are you a single mom or dad bearing all the expense in taking care of your children without any help from the other parent? We can help prove asset information such as bank accounts and other forms of financial records that may help show the income of an individual. These types of asset research are very useful for child support and alimony purposes. Let scott help you find that deadbeat parent that does not want to honor their obligation. We are available 7 days a week for a free consultation. If you suspect your home, work, car or electronics have been bugged we can come in and do a bug sweeps to locate eaves dropping devices. We have assisted in working for branches of the government of Louisiana. One of the more common detections most recently is GPS tracking detection. If you are worried that an employee or family member has an eaves dropping device...

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If conducting surveillance operations, going undercover, investigating infidelity and insurance fraud, or locating missing persons sounds appealing then consider the following steps to learn how to become a private investigator in Louisiana:. There are currently over 1, licensed PIs working throughout Louisiana with a concentration in New Orleans, but also in places like Lafayette, Metairie, Shreveport, and even sparsely populated parishes. Many private detectives work in the over PI agencies licensed in Louisiana. There are also 82 private investigator journeymen in the direct employ of licensed PIs. Before you begin thinking about any private investigator training requirements you will need to start with the basics. You must be able to meet the following to become a PI in Louisiana:. Although there are no education or school requirements to become a licensed private investigator in Louisiana, having education in a relevant field will give your clients and employers assurance that you are a qualified and capable PI. Having an appropriate certification or degree will also provide you with greater career flexibility in the future. The following programs are available online and at campus-based schools throughout the state:. Another prerequisite on the road to obtaining a license for private investigator jobs in Louisiana is the basic training course, followed by an exam. Private detective certification classes must be obtained from an approved agency and be at least 40 hours in length. After completing your 40 hours of training you will be prepared for the Private Investigator Exam. This covers your private investigator training, and before registering you should make sure you are familiar with private detective laws and regulations. Apprentice private investigators may postpone their basic training and exam for up to one year. Applicants for all types of licenses must submit the following materials with their applications:. Continuing private detective training...

Louisiana professional private investigator

Step 1. Meeting the Minimum Louisiana State Qualifications

Become a Private Detective through Training and Certification in Louisiana or degree will also provide you with greater career flexibility in the future. Louisiana Private Investigator. “Brick and mortar classroom training is no longer a viable option for the busy working professional. NITA's online classes offer a. Michael Hebert Investigations offers Louisiana private investigation services for individuals and businesses looking to gather information. We are a professional.

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