Nurses examine naked males

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#1 Nurses examine naked males

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Nurses examine naked males

Female nurse's experience with naked males. Ultra 's message, " female doctors or female nurses experience with naked males " on At first it was as uncomfortable seeing women Nakde men naked. As I became a certified aide, I dealt with younger men malee than senile men. Inappropriate behavior is different. We try to maintain some decorum. Nursing staff Nursez to exert a degree of discipline, often through his physician. Tom [ Edit View ]. Those are Nurses examine naked males of care givers that give the rest of us a bad reputation. I wonder how see would feel if she was on the exam table, totally naked and in full view of 2 male techs staring at her most private areas? Carol [ Edit View ]. I work in a large hospital and we have some nurse on our staff who act like tha, so superior to everyone and the patients. There are even a couple I know that like to be dominate with the female patients, telling them to strip off their panties before certain procedures in a very demeaning tone of voice. They are especially mean with the good looking women Nurses examine naked males they are jealous of them I guess. Betsy sounds like a completely professional nurse with a lot of useful things to say on this forum. Work on your spelling. Steve [ Edit View ]. At least Tom is realistic, not someone prone to fantasy or abuse of her position like Betsy RN. Mohit Yadav [ Edit View ]. Bj ryan red socks did malse mention that it had developed on my left cheek behind. Betsy RN [ Edit View ]. Ultra [ Edit View ]. John [ Edit View ]. So why can the guy not enjoy himself being nude in...

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Please type a name. Please type a valid email address. Please type a question. Female First Forum Skip to content. Sex of Doctor or Nurse Health: Get slim, Feel fit, stay Healthy Act now regain your life. Are doctors and nurses more sensitive to same sex or opposite sex patients when when examining their sexual parts? As for me, I think that I would be much more comfortable to have a female doctor or nurse examine my sexual parts. Please respond stating your sex, your sexual preference for medical personnel who examine your sexual parts, and your reason for your preference. Last edited by Mac on Sat Feb 18, 4: The doctor i have now is male and one day i had been to see him then as i was walking out of his surgery i turned back to say thanks and bye i caught him eyeing up my arse and its not the first time he has looked at me that way. So if ever i need a checkup down below i think i will be going to the nurse. I feel extremely uncomfortable and disgusting when examining by a male doctor as i am not gay. Any good website featuring female doctor examing male patient? I first went to a Female Doctor almost by default and she happened to ba an Urologist. I had a severe inguinal injury and had to go immediately to a local clinic where she was the only Urologist on duty. But I was touched by the caring approach of the Female Urologist even when she was examining the most intimate parts of my body. She did a cystoscopy thru my penis which was quite painful but she always tried to keep me relaxed. After my initial shyness I was feeling quite comfortable and...

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Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Log in Forgot your password? It seems a bit disturbing to me that my fiance sees men in her clinic, for intimate exams, etc. It wigs me out knowing that she has to examine their genitals, check prostate, etc. Am I unique in that it bothers me? Do they react the same? I can understand why you would feel uncomfortable, because in your mind you probably see a picture that is not reality. First try to consider that most of her day is probably not spent looking at genitals. As a family practice m. Also realize that the men in her office are not Brad Pitt. They're everyday men who are probably very embarrassed to have her looking at them, and it is truly just business. The first time I had to do that I was so nervous and embarrassed that I don't think I even looked at the guy. Congratulations on your wedding! It makes me feel a little better. However, you are a nurse, and probably see more sickly men. My fiance sees guys that are perfectly healthy and come in for physicals, etc, and drop their pants for an exam. She has told me that guys have even propositioned her!!! That wigs me out. Also she has had males get erections during these exams. Again, something that wigs me out. Tell me that isn't intimidating, as she may also make size comparisons, etc. Anyway, it is just something that I am trying to deal with, and it is like a hurdle I am trying to get over. Any other advice would be appreciated. I think its hard for non-medical people to understand, but to a doctor this is just another part of the body, no different...

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Lance came in for a basic exam But Nurse JC and I decide to go "deeper" and realize what he really needs to have his testicles emptied to relieve pressure build up. Sponsored Click here to view more full length videos from this site Chat with x Hamster Live girls now! To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser. Download Download video in p quality Leave a comment Comments More Girls Chat with x Hamster Live girls now! Please log in or register to post comments. Log in Sign up now. The cream fraiche whipped cream splashed nicely from your cock. I have tried this twice, once with the woman using her finger and once with her using a small vibrator, but on neither occasion did it materially enhance my orgasm. What a brilliant video, had me hard from the start. I watched this to get me on the mood for my physical next week. Fortunately it is the hot. I don't know what disease this treats, but I got it. I see a Nurse Practitioner every 6 months. Her name is Colleen. Colleen has a Receptionest named Marcy. They both are in their mid 30s and Pretty. They each have very nice well manicured Hands and Nails, Every time I 'Cum' home after a visit, I mastrabate in the diaper position Fantasizing that Colleen and Marcy were doing the same thing to Me as the treatment this lucky Boy recieved at the skillfull Hands of an expert Mastrabatrix. Best of all no doctor ordered this erotic treatment. He gets off knowing these horny women are doing something the hospital would not approve but his hot body makes them want to do him. Definitely a vital check out. I'd want a checkup every day....

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Nurses examine naked males

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Lance came in for a basic exam But Nurse JC and I decide to go "deeper" and realize what he really prostrate milking should be a nice experience for men. I'm not a doctor yet, but in nursing school we have to examine and bathe . Another thing to keep in mind is that docs see so many nude bodies. Would you rather have a female or male doctor or nurse examine your and almost forgot that I was lying naked in front of a Female Doctor.

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