Reloading brass shot shells

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#1 Reloading brass shot shells

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Reloading brass shot shells

Thank you all for your support over the years. The Open Range is now only available as a reference. All posts are available for pardners and guest to view and search, but new posts are not enabled. The Open Range Staff. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Loading brass shotgun shells, How to? Bum Steer Free Grazer. Reloading brass shot shells or less on a whim I bought 25 Mag tech 12 ga shells just for the style points factor. Now that I got em, how do ya load em. I've been loading plastic shells for several years. I know they take LP primers but what do you prime them with? Reckon I can figure out the shot column but since I'm asking anyway? Also what do Reloading brass shot shells use to seal the overshot card? John Boy Free Reloading brass shot shells. Discussion about brass hulls is at the end of the article. Bama Belle Free Grazer. Punch or nail Short piece of 2x4 with a hole drilled in it somewhere, bigger than the primer but smaller than the hull diameter. Busted hammer handle, with busted part cut smooth it was a good piece of hickory, and I hated to Reloading brass shot shells it Reloading brass shot shells BP or favorite sub Fiber wads Shot Overshot cards To seat the primer; Set primer in primer pocket, set hull on wood block away from the drilled holeinsert the wood dowel in hull Reloading brass shot shells press Bennington vt breast enlargement down. You'll get to where you know it's seated right by the feel eventually. To load; Measure powder and pour in hull. Use dowel to compress some, taking out any airspace. Measure shot and pour in hull. I started with sheets of beeswax,...

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Reloading brass shot shells

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Jan 15, - More or less on a whim I bought 25 Mag tech 12 ga shells just for the style points factor. Now that I got em, how do ya load em. I've been. MagTech 12ga /2 empty brass shotshells for reloading. Item #: In Stock. $ MagTech 16ga /2 empty brass shotshells for reloading. Item #. Magtech Brass Shotshell hulls are ideal for traditional black powder loads. Mix 10 boxes of any guage to receive case pricing. When choosing wads for brass.

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