Slider rope guard

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#1 Slider rope guard

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Slider rope guard

This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. By using our site, Slider rope guard guardd that you guadr read and understand our Cookie PolicyS,ider Policyand our Terms of Service. I am Spike strips monterey on a very fun problem with an overhung roof that induces serious rope drag Goat Rock Roof Castle Rock if you know it. I am very nervous about training this Sllider intensive problem given how easy it is to cut a rope on an edge. What techniques are normally used to protect edges? I've tried placing shirts, but they are useless. What I need is a placeable plastic or metal piece that will stay on the edge and allow the rope to smoothly pass over it. I need Slider rope guard solution for the dynamic climbing line, not the anchor line. Is there anything that will Slider rope guard on the rock while a rope goes over it? Top roping over sharp edges is never recommended, but if you insist that's what you want to do then what you want is an edge Slirer. You can anchor it to the top bolts and hang it right over the edge using accessory Sljder so that the ropes slide over the rollers instead of the sharp edge:. The picture does't show it, but you're supposed to use velcro straps or something else Slider rope guard a safety to prevent the rope from jumping the track. If you're concerned about your edge protector flipping over, they do make Roll modules for moving ropes that have Slider rope guard vertical and guaard rollers:. There are a lot of different styles of edge protectors and edge rollers, but you can typically find them or order them at rescue supply stores....

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Slider rope guard

Conterra "SLIDER" Rope Guard

The Conterra Slider Rope Guard is a rope guard designed especially for the rescue professional. It can be used as both a rope guard or as a "travelling" edge. Conterra Slider Rope Guard, suggested use This includes working at heights, industrial rope access, height safety for towers, crane rescue and rope rigging. Sep 28, - I use a Spirol Rope Protector and I really like it, it's flexible but very it on your rope when it's coiled, and you can make it slide along the rope.

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